Sunday, June 28, 2009

With Little Fanfare

At the beginning of the month, I posted about how I'd be moving to a 12-hour day car. However, my little ambulance company is feeling the pinch of the economic downturn and we've had to cut a whole shift, as well as cut dispatchers and wheelie drivers. Because of seniority and our new shift bid process, my move to the 12-hour car was preempted by another employee, so I'll remain on 24s for the foreseeable future. As much as I was starting to look forward to the 12-hour days (sleeping in my own bed, no more midnight transfers, seven shifts per paycheck), I'm trying to find the bright side to remaining on 24s. I really like my current partner, I've started rotating through all the stations again, and everyday is a Friday (more time for golf).

Little of interest has happened in this last month, and I admit, I do feel neglectful of my blog. So I thought I'd post something juicy. Last year, I started the EMS Cyclist Program at my fire department and while it was a rocky start, I've had continued and increased interest this summer. My volunteers EM
S providers are more willing to step up and the program has received a lot of positive support from local business owners and event organizers. The EMS Cyclist Program was also one of the reasons why I was awarded Firefighter of the Year for my department.

Based on this EMS Cyclist Program, my fire chief deemed it appropriate to submit my name to the Oregon Volunteer Firefighter Association for consideration of Volunteer Firefighter of the Year. Today, my wife and I just returned from Medford where last night I received my award plaque for 2009 Volunteer Firefighter of the Year.
I didn't get a chance to say thank you at the awards dinner last night, so I thought I put down a few of my thoughts here. I know that I've been recognized frequently in these last few years, and while my wife and family say it's because I work hard and deserve it, I can't help but feel so completely humbled and underserving of the praise. I feel this recognition needs to be shared with my fellow volunteers and my coworkers. I wouldn't be as lucky or successful today without them. The EMS Cyclist Program wouldn't be successful without the outstanding performance of the team members. Nothing that I do for the fire department (or my job on the ambulance) is an individual effort and I want to ensure that the efforts that I put forth benefit my organizations, not just me. So thank you to all of my fellow volunteers, fire, and EMS professionals.


The Happy Medic said...

A well deserved congratulations to you, Sir.

I was recently in Grant's Pass and I love it up there. Nice state you all have.

Nice to have you back online and on 24s, odd schedule aside.

HM said...

I have a contact that is looking for information on EMS bike teams, specifically precision demo teams affiliated with bike based EMS.

Any ideas?

Capt. Schmoe said...

Strong Work P.S.M.