Monday, July 13, 2009

NOWS 2009

After rearranging my weekend schedule, I was able to participate in the Northwest Oregon Wildfire School at Camp Rilea. Every year, our county hosts a multi-agency, live fire, wildfire drill. This was my first year doing it and was looking forward to working with the other departments, the ODF crews, and the helicopters. However, due to rain, we couldn't even get a burn out completed on our safety zone Saturday. Yestereday was a total bust with thunder and lighting storms. Looking forward to next year, though.

2972, the Gearhart FD Unimog. My truck for the weekend.

Putting down a wet line.

Digging hand line.

The rest of the crew on the line.

Attempting to burn out the safety zone.

Lots of smoke, but very little fire.

An ODF lookout, keeping an eye on the (attempted) burnout operation.