Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Telemarketers and Baby Duckies

A ground level fall today at a care facility was the direct result of a telemarketer. Mr. Johnson got up from his wheelchair to answer his apartment phone at 3 pm today when a telemarketer called to sell ShamWows (or some such nonsense). Hanging up in disgust, then trying to sit back down, Mr. Johnson missed his wheelchair, fell back, and struck his head against the window sill. I advised the patient he should sue.

* ** ** ** *

A two vehicle, non-injury, non-blocking, everyone out exchaning insurance information MVA was the direct result of a momma duck and her long line of little baby ducks. The driver of the Toyota Tacoma slammed on the brakes when "all these baby ducks popped out onto the road from nowhere," causing the little Honda Civic behind him to rear end the truck. No one was hurt and by all reports, all the little duckies made it across the road.


Michael Morse said...

Stupid ducks! I would have stopped too, too cute for their own good. Too bad the mama telemarketer wan't crossing the baby telemarke....OUCH! little angel just smacked me upside the head. Never mind about the telemarketers.