Friday, May 1, 2009

As seen on CNN

After reading a short article on, this was the "Ads by Google" that I saw at the bottom:

I have one thought about this: Fucking bottom feeders. God forbid we try to educate ourselves about the H1N1 virus, or that we talk about proper hand washing and prevention techniques. No. We have to put up with vendors trying to sell $179.95 (plus free shipping!) 5+ Person Flu Pandemic Kits. This "amazing" kit, a $279 dollar value, includes:
  • Box of 35 N95 Masks (Latex Free): N95 Masks are the respiratory masks that are rated the best for preventing the spread of contagions (N95 masks are also good for chemical spills, wild fire, etc.)
  • Box of 100 Exam Gloves (Latex Free, Powder Free)
  • Box of 50 Disposable Isolation Gowns (Latex Free)
  • Box of 100 Disposable Shoe Covers (Latex Free)
  • Box of 100 Bouffant Cap Disposable Hair Covers (Latex Free)
  • Five Pairs of Protective Safety Glasses (Latex Free)
  • Five 4-oz Bottles of Epi Clenz Hand Sanitizer Gel
All this can be conveniently yours at a special discount price to make sure that your family is pandemic flu ready.

Gack! I think I've just thrown up a little in my mouth...